Philadelphia Sustainability

Together we're taking care

At Philadelphia we believe that what we love should be taken care of
From goodness inside - image
Pinch of salt
Pinch of salt

From goodness inside…

We start with just milk, cream and a pinch of salt. Keeping things simple has helped us take care of the irresistible creamy taste and texture you love. See the full list of ingredients here.


…to taking care of what’s good around us

Even the smallest actions can have a big impact on our lives and the world we care so much about. Explore the four ways that together we are making a difference!

We're taking care of waste by helping you to always recycle or reuse our tubs

Our recyclable packaging is designed to keep the great taste of Philadelphia fresh for as long as possible. Once you've enjoyed everything inside, we want to help you recycle responsibly.

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Give your tub a second life

Give your tub a second life

Your Philadelphia tub, lid and foil can be widely recycled across Ireland. To find out how to recycle in your local area, visit REPAK.

Why not reuse your tub? Store what's left of tonight's meal. Or get your garden started by planting some fresh herbs. They'll grow quickly in your kitchen, on hand to stir into original Philadelphia.

Making the most of the food you love before it goes to waste

We're here to help with simple ways to turn that last potato or forgotten slice of bread into a delicious meal for your family. With Philadelphia, and a little creativity, together we are taking care of food from being wasted.

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Love it, don't waste it!

Every year across the EU, 88 million tonnes of food is wasted. Much of what gets thrown away still has life left in it - each of us contributes about 14kg of avoidable food waste per year. That’s food with goodness inside that we could save and transform into something tasty.

Did you know?

Food stays freshest at the right temperature. Set your fridge to 5°C so that your Philadelphia and other items can last that little bit longer.

Loaf life

We all love bread - it's one of the things we buy the most of & that is a shame to throw out. Help it last longer by popping leftover bread into the freezer before it goes stale. Ideal to use for breadcrumbs, or just toast it & spread it!

Delicious dishes that make a difference

Here's just a few of our favourite ways to use up what's left in your kitchen and turn it into something tasty with Philadelphia. Visit our recipe page for even more ideas.

Got a favourite recipe that uses leftovers or lonely ingredients? Tag it with #rescuedwithphiladelphia

Philadelphia Beef Wrap
Philadelphia Creamy Pasta

Helping you take care of your wellbeing with choices for your lifestyle

Philadelphia comes in an exciting range of flavours, textures and portion sizes - all with your mealtimes in mind. From spreading and dipping to baking, we offer plenty of delicious options throughout your day.

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Lactose Free
100% Taste
40% less Fat
11% Protein only 3% Fat
11% Protein only 3% Fat
Fresh and creamy taste

Options with wellbeing in mind

From our famous Philadelphia Original to our delicious Philadelphia Light, with 40% less fat, to our Extra Light with even lower fat and rich protein content, we have choices for you to live a balanced life.

And introducing our latest launches - Lactose Free and Extra Light Herbs.

Great taste depends on quality milk so we support good farming practices

Philadelphia is only made with fresh milk from farms we trust, located close to our factories. Most of our farming partners are family-owned businesses with a herd of on average 100 cows.

We believe that caring & respecting cows is vital in producing high quality milk to turn into the best tasting Philadelphia cream cheese.

We work hand in hand with our dairy suppliers to help their farmers adopt good animal welfare practices through continuous improvement on the farm.

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Henning K.
Henning, a Philadelphia farming partner

Meet one of our farming partners

"My family has been dairy farming for generations. Over the years we constantly modernise how we manage the farm and take care of our cows. Making sure of ideal air conditions, freedom of movement, individual feeding and enough space for every single cow.

We're also using solar power to help manage energy use on the farm.

Taking care on the farm takes the effort and focus of all of us."