Philadelphia is ideal across
all catering sectors...

Pubs & Restaurants

Delicious and versatile, Philadelphia is an essential ingredient in every pub or restaurant kitchen. Recommended to chefs due to its high quality, creamy texture and delicious flavour, try it in cheesecakes, sauces, soups, canapés, fillings and more. For cheesecakes, we recommend Regular Philadelphia.

Hotels & Caterers

Philadelphia can be used in hundreds of recipes, sweet and savoury – from cheesecakes to risotto. The 23% or 29% fat full fat products perform best in cheesecakes. Philadelphia is ideal for self-serve breakfast or lunch buffets. As a powerbrand with strong international presence, Philly adds value to your offering and is the brand consumers recognise and love. Especially good with toasted bagels!

Sandwich Shops

Philadelphia is an ideal sandwich or bagel filler. The Light product is perfect for a lower fat option and is more spreadable due to its softer texture. The pack size will vary depending on the size of the outlet


An excellent option for onboard catering thanks to the single portion format and the international brand value of Philadelphia.

Cafés, Patisseries & Bakeries

An essential ingredient for both sweet and savoury offerings. Great for cheesecakes, frostings, and sandwich fillers.


For use as an ingredient in cheesecake and sandwich filling manufacturing.